Where to drink in Highland Park by taking the Metro Gold Line

Gold Line Highland Park on where to drink tour

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As a California native, I was thrilled of the opening of the Gold Line in July of 2003. Although it was very limited in destinations, I found it a fantastic way to explore different parts of Los Angeles. 

Since then, it’s been extended and connects to more lines making it easier than ever to avoid the gridlock of the worst traffic congestion in the world (ranked by INRIX, a leader in transportation analytics and connected car services).  Between the train and sometimes a quick Lyft or Uber ride, just about everything in LA is accessible.  Riding the train has become one of my most favorite past times. However, something I find disappointing, is there remain many Angelenos intimidated by the process and simply won’t even try it. My hope is to decode it and remove any hesitation. it’s simple, fun, and very inexpensive. A one way trip will cost $1.75 on the Gold Line. A huge savings considering soaring gas prices and parking.
It’s been a personal goal of mine to get people connected with this accessible transportation and to visit some of my favorite pedestrian friendly destinations. My first highlight – Highland Park. Off the Gold Line, Highland Park train stop, it is .2 miles to a sea of incredible dining, entertainment, and of course, COCKTAILS!!!
I’ve highlighted some of my most highly recommended best experiences:
A wonderful mid century modern speakeasy hidden behind the barber shop. It’s swanky, dimly lit with great cocktails. Great for date night or just hanging out with friends.
This property offers and excellent 2 for 1 location. Cafe Birdie in the front offers an elevated bar program with delicious offerings plus excellent food. If I’m in town, this is where always eat. 
Through the back doors of Cafe Birdie, you’ll find a wonderful outdoor space and seating area that leads to the second bar, Good Housekeeping. Both spots have their own identity, decor, and menu. Both a must in Highland Park.
Historic landmark bowling alley serving up craft cocktails. The antiquity of this location alone make it well worth the visit. 
5. ETA
A true gem in this city where the locals go. Everyone seems to know each other here and this bar makes me wish I lived within walking distance. The staff is
 passionate about craft cocktails.
A 5-minute Lyft or Uber ride to this bar is well worth the investment. This bar is one of my all time favorites where everyone behind the bar knows how to craft amazing cocktails, understands the classics, and you instantly are made to feel like family. The entire crew understand hospitality and I can’t seem to get enough of this place. Sonny’s Hideaway is a MUST in Highland Park.  Sonny’s also offers a fantastic food menu. You’ll need food here to absorb the cocktails.
1.  A quick Lyft or Uber ride back to the Gold Line Highland Park Station can close out your night without having to worry about driving.  Regardless, drink responsibly and have fun!  
2.  Be sure to wear walking shoes and a long sleeved layer to wear once you’re on the train back to your destination. The train at night gets very cold. I think they may keep it at a cool 60 degrees to keep the drunks from sleeping on the train. 
3.  I recommend a backpack if you want to swap out walking shoes for dressier ones and for that extra layer of clothing to keep warm on the train. The backpack also allows you to be hands free. 
4.  Be self aware. While riding the train is fun, we remain a major metropolitan city and with that, comes an element of crime. The number one crime for pedestrians is having your phone swiped from your hands while your face is buried in it.  I highly recommend remaining aware of your surroundings. This is same advice in any major city, not just Los Angeles. 
5. Be aware of train schedule. Although it runs every 12-15 minutes, it does NOT run 24 hours. If you stick around for last call, you will miss the last train. Depending on the direction you’re heading also effects the last train out. See Gold Line train schedule here:
This is a great tour whether you’re a local, from out of town, or have friends coming in from out of town. I love Highland Park!
This tour made possible by, Azuñia Tequila
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