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San Manuel Casino-The Pines

I’ve never been one for gambling. It’s just not my thing. When asked about it, I have always professed that I have WAY better odds at the bar. For me, sitting at a bar has always been a better trade off of my time. After investing years of raising my kid, it was such a welcome reprieve to adult and sit at a bar with a friend. For me, there was no better quality “me” time than that. So when San Manuel Casino invited me to their newly revamped, exclusive restaurant bar, I jumped at the chance. It’s a wonderful contrast to walk past the hustle and bustle of of the gaming floor through the large heavy double doors that are the entrance to The Pines.

I went for the cocktails but the experience of The Pines is absolute elegance, yet, is not “stuffy.” The cascading chandeliers, the beautiful lighting, the exquisite furniture all convey a feeling of opulence and the staff are all eager to make sure your enjoy time. The cocktail program by Chris Rosano is impeccably paired with the refined experience of The Pines. I tried 3 drinks which I showcased on The Cocktail Portal, but I also wanted to note the food. The food is so incredible I woke up the next day still thinking about the entire experience. The oysters were fresh, expertly presented, and delicious. I tried the aged, bone-in ribeye steak and I continue to fondly think about that steak til this day. It makes me hungry simply by recalling the memory. It’s one of those meals that is so incredible that it becomes the benchmark for all of your other oyster and steak meals. I actually did try to replicate it by going to a restaurant that is local to me and known for theirs steaks. I left disappointed. My next splurge meal is going to be at The Pines and I know I’m guaranteed a great meal and cocktails.

I’m excited for San Manuel’s expansion that will be turning them into a full 500 room resort. I look forward to making my visits with them a stay-cation once the project is completed. Until then, a fantastic dining experience will do. Thank you San Manuel and Chris Rosano for having me out. I am beyond impressed.





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