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Baleen Lounge-Redondo Beach

Portofino Hotel

Is such a romantic destination located in the Redondo Beach marina. The charming ambiance is set to ocean sounds, the passing boats, and the sea breeze that lend to completely forget about the clock. Time seems to enjoyably slow as you take in the gorgeous decor, the mesmerizing sun dancing off the calm waters and (the bonus round) Baleen’s Kitchen / Lounge on the property. Located adjacent to the hotel, Baleen’s offers an elevated craft cocktail program curated by the very talented Mike Dunbar. Baleen’s is perfect for date night or lounging with friends over craft cocktails and delicious food.

This is Mike Dunbar making his cocktail called, Little Miss Sunshine:

  • blanco tequila
  • grapefruit liqueur
  • Campari
  • eldeflower liqueur
  • Lime
  • eggwhite

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