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Best bar in mexico

Everything I thought I knew about Tijuana, Mexico has been obliterated by Chef and owner Ruffo Ibarra of Oryx Capital. I hadn’t crossed the Mexcan border in over 15 years, in large part, because the civil unrest and the violence the country was being subjected to.  I, like most people was afraid and for the most part, had sworn Mexico off.  But I’ve been hearing, for quite some time, that Mexico has made changes. Things have calmed down and there is a chef’s movement.  These are true advocates for the country and speaking volumes by way of their food, drinks, and hospitality.

I had the good fortune of being a guest at Chef Ruffo’s speakeasy Nortico, hidden within the walls of his restaurant called Oryx Capital. It’s stunningly beautiful modern decor, with ambient lighting. It’s the sort of place one simply loves to get lost in and lose track of time. Talented bartenders sling some truly incredible craft cocktails.  It’s bold yet humble. It’s elegant but not stuffy. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from an elevated craft cocktail bar.

Mexico has so much to say. I for one, am listening intently and will be returning, most likely, as often as my schedule permits.
In the end, I had to ask myself, is Mexico safe? The question I asked myself is, am I any safer in America? I’m not so sure. My conclusion is, will I allow fear to dictate how I live my life?  From our own recent horrific events here in America,  I can tell you I will NOT stop visiting Las Vegas.
Cheers to Chef Ruffo Ibarra for positively altering my perception of Tijuana, Mexico.
Viva Mexico!!!

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