About The CocktailPortal

The bartenders, bar owners, chefs, and restauranteurs

We are passionate about the people that make up the hospitality industry. The bartenders, bar owners, chefs, and restauranteurs that pour their hearts and invest their very lives into creating a great experience. We are honored to shine a light on people that inspire others by way of their craft and appreciate the dedication and relentless energy it takes to create the best.

We are a team of two photographers that were big fans of the industry long before The Cocktail Portal came to fruition. Sitting at a bar with craft cocktails and enjoying chef prepared meals was truly our favorite past-time. It’s comparable to the feeling of being on vacation, even if it’s at a local pub or eatery. We have a true LOVE for this industry and we just happen to have cameras to document it and to share it with you.

How we work

We approach some bars and some bars approach us.  If we seek out to feature a bar/bartender, it’s because we’ve heard about them and have done our  investigative research.  Which includes, making a surprise, unannounced visit. Sometimes, they never know we are there. This, we feel, allows a more accurate recommendation to followers of the page. Yes, we have patronized potentials and they never knew we were there. This is, in part, why we obscure our identity.  We like accurate accounts of what we are recommending.