Mr. Andrew Winters of the fantastic speakeasy, The Blind Rabbit, in Anaheim’s Packing House is one of our favorite bartenders, making our top 10 list in 2016. He’s an extraordinary bartender and from what I can tell, a pretty amazing human being. Humble, loyal, friendly and eager to whip you up a perfect cocktail.

My first time to The Blind Rabbit, I didn’t have reservations, but luckily scored a half hour time slot at the bar. I was seated next to a “regular” who religiously visits Mr. Winters weekly. He helped guide me, sharing that “anyone that knows, doesn’t order off the menu. Let Mr. Winters be your guide.”   Mr. Winters asks  3-4 questions to figure out your flavor profile and then, like a mad scientist he proceeds with bottles clanking and beakers being filled from various ingredients from different parts of the bar. Sometimes there’s smoke and sometimes there’s fire. And then it happens. Your first sip and it’s as though the heavens part and the angels sing.  I am YET, to meet anyone who has tried one of Mr. Winter’s cocktails and not fallen in love with him. Men and women alike! No really. I’ve been witness to it countless times.  I’ve seen it!  It’s as though a magic spell is cast.
Ok, okay!!! all kidding aside. Mr. Winter’s is very talented and consider yourself lucky if you get a seat at his bar. He’s an awesome guy and talented at what he does. We particularly took exception with his ability to take just about any ingredient or spirit and turn it into something absolutely FANTASTIC! He does it every time! I’ve given him challenges and he is so good on the fly to make something so perfect.  It’s mesmerizing, stunning, and so impressive.
The Blind Rabbit is hidden under the stairs at the Anaheim Packing House behind the sake barrels. The space is quaint and cozy with very low lighting that somehow helps me unwind. It feels Harry Potter-ish with vintage decor and barware. Their food menu is limited, however what is served is guaranteed to be delicious.  I’ve tried the lamb chops and the fried shrimp. Both were superb!
The Blind Rabbit and Mr. Winter’s are a must experience before you die sorta place.
TIP: if you want to get in without a reservation, go on a Sunday. They open at Noon and you can almost always get a seat.